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Term Loans FAQs

Do I qualify?

  • Companies in business at least 1 year

  • $100,000+ in gross annual revenue

  • A majority owner with a 600+ personal credit score

What are the rates?

  • Rates as low as 13.99% APR¹

  • Your line amount and rate will be based on our assessment of your business along with your business and personal credit

How do I pay back?

  • Fixed weekly payments

  • Automatically deducted from your business bank account, so you don’t have to worry about missing due dates

Are there any fees?

  • $20 monthly maintenance fee, which is waived for 6 months if you draw $5,000 or more in the first five days after opening your account

  • There are no fees to draw money

Short Term Loan

3-12 month terms

Finance projects that have an immediate return on investment

  • Updating or refreshing locations 

  • Inventory deals with a quick turnaround

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Seasonal hiring or inventory

Long Term Loan

15-36 month terms

Fund larger projects that pay back longer term

  • Expansion or new locations​

  • Large-scale inventory purchases ​

  • Equipment purchases ​

  • New product development


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